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Wireless Subscriber Connection Help Windows XP


The following sample is based on a standard Wi-Fi card in an XP laptop.

1 There should be an icon on the lower right part of your screen by the time that shows your wireless adapter status. Some cards show a signal strength bar, XP also shows a small computer.
2 Select ‘jovogo’ and accept the network to get connected. Also check the box to allow connection to the unsecured network as shown below, then select the 'Advanced' button.
3 Make sure ‘Data encryption’ and ‘Network Authentication’ are unchecked. Also uncheck 'This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network' (see below) and select the 'OK' button.
4 In the bottom of your desktop near the clock you’ll find the network icon. Select it to open the network connection status screen (see below). From here, select the 'Properties' button.
5 Select the 'Advanced' tab to show firewall and sharing information (see below). Windows XP provides a built-in firewall feature. It is recommended to use this feature to safeguard your PC from network hackers.

Also uncheck the 'Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection' box.

6 To sign into the Hot Zone, open a browser and use default settings to access the Internet. In Internet Explorer 6, select the 'tools’ menu and then ‘Internet options’. Under 'Connections', go to ‘LAN Settings’ and make sure none of the check boxes are ticked. (see below).







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