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Public Wireless Networks are no different then a cable or DSL connection to your home. You must take precautions to protect yourself and your information from the bad elements on the Internet. JoVoGo networks allow for the use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. This type of connection created a "secured tunnel" between you and the Internet or all the way back to your office. At this time, we do not offer our own VPN service, but support almost all 3rd party VPN solutions on the market.

Below is a list of ways to protect yourself while connected to our networks. It is the responsbility of the user to ensure that they are protected.

Always make sure you are using an SSL secured page when entering personal information such as credit cards.
JoVoGo login and registration uses SSL security to ensure your information is kept private. Most online stores, banks and other sites that require you to enter personal information will use SSL to secure the web page.
Use A Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Most business users will be required to use a VPN to connect to corporate resources. VPN security builds a secured "tunnel" between your Wi-Fi device and your corporate office. If your company does not offer VPN services, you can also purchase services from Boingo or other 3rd party providers such as HotSpotVPN.
Disable File Sharing On Your Computer
You should disable file sharing on your laptop or Wi-Fi device. This will restrict anyone from accessing critical files on your PC.
Use Remote Control Software
Another option is to load a remote control software on your home or office PC such as GoToMyPC, LapLink, or PCAnywhere. Once you are connected to a Wi-Fi Hot Zone, start your remote control software and connect to your home or office PC. These products use encryption to ensure your communication to your PC is secure.
Use a Personal Firewall
Most of the new operating systems like XP and MAC OS have built-in firewalls that require nothing more then turning them on. We highly recommend you use these features to ensure that no one can gain access to your computer. You can also purchase 3rd party firewalls from Symantec, Trend Micro, and others.
Use Anti-Virus Software
Viruses have become a way of life for most users of the Internet. Most users by this time understand the need for Anti-Virus software. JoVoGo monitors the network for abnormal large amounts of traffic. If you become infected with a virus, we may have to restrict you from gaining access to our network to ensure that no one else becomes infected. We recommend Trend Micro for virus software.

If You have any other questions regarding security on our network, please email support@jovogo.com.


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