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JoVoZones™ gives cities and businesses a unique opportunity to advertise on our Hot Zones.

Our Hot Zones offer basic free access to all users, which in turn brings more users onto our network. Free access to our Hot Zones allows us to advertise to our users while they "surf" the web. Advertising income to our system helps us support the Hot Zone and continue free access.

Advertising Options

Banner Advertising
JoVoGo offers numerous banner advertising throughout our portals. We can assist in designing a banner ad through our marketing partners or use your own design. We also offer rotating banner ads for less, which will change each time the user hits the page.

Banner Ads are sold on the home page of our Hot Zone Portals and key areas on key sections of the site. We also do special advertising sections for special events and announcements.
Pop-Up & Pop-Under Advertising
All users accessing the Hot Zone have the potential of viewing pop-up and pop-under advertising. We do not allow pop-up blockers on our free accounts ensuring that your ad will be viewed. Paid accounts have an option of turning off pop-up advertising.
Portal Web Site
For companies that still don't have a web presence, our Hot Zone Manager system allows you to create a presence quick and simple. Our web site advertising plans allows a restaurant or coffee shop to place their menu and other product information on the Hot Zone and on the web. We offer web addresses under our portal such as:


or domain name sites such as

Location Advertising
Location advertising allows your ad to be targeted to someone who is in the vicinity of your place of business. Although location advertising is not new and has been tried by the wireless phone companies, Wi-Fi has made it so much simpler to install and manage. For example, if a consumer drives into a city, their Wi-Fi enabled car would let them know that one of their favorite restaurants or hotels are in the area. This "Pushing" of advertising is something that will become a standard as Hot Zones continue to grow.
Web Site Access
If your current web site has services that would benefit a Wi-Fi user such as banks, restaurants, hotels, and other service type businesses, Verge Wireless has a solution for you. Our system allows us to define what sites can be viewed by non registered users. This means that the only thing someone has to do to access your site is connect to our network and point the browser to your web site domain.

To learn how you can advertise on our Hot Zones, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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