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JoVoGo can provide your university with a fully managed Wi-Fi network to enable students and faculty access to network resources. Providing a seamless computing environment for students.

The wireless network enables students to bring their own computers on campus, where they can connect easily to the network without worrying about cables or plugs. Faculty and staff moving from one office or teaching space to another never need to change their laptop configuration. The ability to have a complete ubiquitous wireless environment allows students and faculty the freedom to work anywhere.

JoVoZones™ lets the university focus on education while we manage student and faculty access.

Key Benefits

Provide Public and Private Network Access
Our campus networks can provide both students and faculty secured access. Students require Internet access in the dorm rooms as well as some access to university resources. Our network allows access to resources based on a user account, not an IP address. Using state of art wireless security switches, our networks can be custom designed for your needs.
Campus Portal
Create your own web space or "splash page" that each student or faculty is directed to when they first login. Give your students the ability to view campus information and upcoming events . Using JoVoGo's solutions enables you to provide students and faculty with a variety of location-specific information, such as bus schedules and security information. You can also offer incentives for students to use on-site services, either through on-screen promotions or coupons with tie-ins to student services.
All students and faculty can access the resources they need, when they need them. Remote workers and mobile workers can connect as soon as they arrive on campus. Students and faculty can work inside or outside while accessing the Hot Zone.
Reduce Cost
Installing or expanding a wireless network is fast and easy. It avoids the time, cost, complexity and disruption of pulling cables through walls and ceilings.

To learn how you can get Wi-Fi to the complete campus, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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