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Municipal Wireless Hot Zones
Wireless Hot Zones

Municipal Wireless Hot Zone Nodes, will become as common as a street light as governments look to bring broadband to it's workers and citizens. JoVoZones can provide government agencies with the highest security WLANS available as well as lower cost public WI-FI networks for municipalities.

How Can Wi-Fi Be Used In Your City?

Police Departments
Police departments can throw away the slow systems they use now to bring data to squad cars and install Wi-Fi devices to bring broadband applications to them such as video and other hi bandwidth technologies. Quick deployment of networks can be done using Wi-Fi technology by departments such as SWAT teams.
City Hall
Judges, Lawyers, and Legislative members can maintain constant access to information via a Wi-Fi network using secured technologies like VPN's. Laptops and hand held devices can be used in any room or area of City Hall.
Video Surveillance
Local governments can deploy wireless security cameras at public events anywhere. Wi-Fi technology allows cameras to be installed and removed quickly. Stadiums and parks should all have Wi-Fi available for the public, police, and government.
Permits & Inspections
By outfitting government inspectors with wireless devices will enable them to send data in real time back to government computers as well as download instantly information needed to complete the job.
Public Access
The public pays taxes to cover costs of public railways, buses, and roads. Public taxes will soon be used to ensure that everyone has access to the Internet and it's resources. Cities should start planning on deploying and managing public Wi-Fi networks to ensure all citizens have access.

JoVoGo and it's partners have significant experience deploying city wide Wi-Fi networks including assistance in obtaining grants and funding for your city or town.

To learn more how we can bring wireless networks to your city or town, please e-mail us at sales@jovogo.com.

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