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Apartment Wi-Fi Hot Zone

Offering wireless broadband services in your residential complex requires minimal upfront costs. For buildings with existing Ethernet-based connectivity, the only additional pieces of hardware required are the access devices, which are typically installed on every other floor. Instead of rewiring each rental unit for better connectivity, you can choose a wireless technology that is less costly and easier to install.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenues
Supplement your rental income from your residential properties by offering tenants wireless broadband Internet access. Tenants can gain wireless access in their rental unit as well as in building entrance and other common areas, both easily and cost-effectively. Offering high-speed wireless access will allow you to capture more income per tenant.
Apartment Portal
Create your own web space or "splash page" that each tenant is directed to when they first login. Give your tenants the ability to view apartment information and upcoming events . Using Verge Wireless Network's solutions enables you to provide tenants with a variety of location-specific information, such as building and security information. You can also offer incentives for tenants to use on-site services, either through on-screen promotions or coupons with tie-ins to building services.
All users can access the resources they need, when they need them. Remote workers and mobile workers can connect as soon as they arrive at home. Since you stay connected to their office networks, they can enter data while sitting by the pool.
Reduce Cost
Installing or expanding a wireless network is fast and easy. It avoids the time, cost, complexity and disruption of pulling cables through walls and ceilings.

To learn how you can get not only fast Internet access to your apartments, but also by the pool, lounge, workout rooms, and basically anywhere on your complex, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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