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Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the broadband connectivity of choice for boaters as they move from marina to marina. Just as hotels are now understanding that Wi-Fi is a requirement for guests, Marina owners are starting to see the same.

We can build and manage your JoVoZone™, leaving the business of running your marina to you and your staff.

Key Benefits

Increase Revenues
Offering wireless Internet access in your marina allows you to generate additional sources of revenue.

• Revenue/profit sharing
• Increased traffic at related marina venues
• Joint marina promotion and marketing activities
• Reduce cost through wireless POS

Marina Portal
Create your own web space or "splash page" that each marina guest will see as they connect to your network. Keep them updated on the latest news and services in your marina.

The portal site can be used to sell advertising and keep guests informed on promotions by vendors in the area.
Use the wireless network for your internal operations such as POS services, gas meters, and video cameras. No need to run cables to these devices.
Reduce Cost
Installing or expanding a wireless network is fast and easy. It avoids the time, cost, complexity and disruption of pulling cables through walls and ceilings.

To learn how you can get not only fast Internet access to your Marina, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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