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Millions of people visit the mall each day which makes it a perfect place to build a JoVoZone™. Most malls have food courts, lounge areas, and coffee shops. These are perfect places for Wi-Fi users to sit with laptops or use their Wi-Fi enabled cell phone.

Now that you have the customers using your Wi-Fi network with for gaming, socializing, or getting some work done, why not advertise to them all the great specials at each of the stores located in the mall? Why spend millions on signage in the mall when you could use the Wi-Fi network to "push" advertising to users and digital signage throughout the complex.

Key Benefits

Increase Visitors
If people know that Wi-Fi is available, they may visit more often knowing they can use their laptop while a child or significant other shops. Allowing visitors to search your mall portal web site for information on inventory and stores will also attract the digital shopper.
Mall Portal
Create your own web space or "splash page" that each visitor is directed to when they first login. You can then push advertising to those visitors and provide mall services and information to their laptop or portal Wi-Fi device.

Internet advertising is quickly becoming the #1 way to market to potential customers.
Mall workers and use the network to perform inventory and other critical processes as they now have a wireless broadband network to connect.
Reduce Cost
Installing or expanding a wireless network is fast and easy. It avoids the time, cost, complexity and disruption of pulling cables through walls and ceilings.

To learn how you can get not only fast Internet access to your mall, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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