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Are you interested in getting Wi-Fi to your coffee shop or restaurant? Concerned about security and management of your customers access? JoVoGo offers a complete managed service for your establishment, including the following services:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Secured paid and free access
  • Marketing Material
  • Advertising
  • Equipment
  • and More!

Key Benefits

Increase Visitors
Bring in customers that would normally go to your competitor who is offering wireless Internet access. The theory of customers using valuable table space is false. During the busy hours, customres are there to eat, but during the slow periods, they are more likely to come in to use your internet access and get a quick cup of coffee or desert!
Location Portal
Create your own web space or "splash page" that each visitor is directed to when they first login. You can then push advertising to those visitors and provide services and information to their laptop or portal Wi-Fi device.

Internet advertising is quickly becoming the #1 way to market to potential customers.
Your workers can use the network to perform inventory and other critical processes as they now have a wireless broadband network to connect.
Reduce Cost
Installing or expanding a wireless network is fast and easy. It avoids the time, cost, complexity and disruption of pulling cables through walls and ceilings.

To learn how you can get fast secured Internet access to your establishment, contact us at sales@jovogo.com.

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