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JoVogo is committed to closing the digital divide. We believe that everyone should have Internet access and that cities and towns should work with local providers to ensure that happens. If local providers will not provide access, it is up to the city or town to bring access to the public or face falling behind in the digital world. Cities and towns must drive the process of ensuring municipal broadband access for everyone.

JoVoGo's Team is experienced not only in the technology but also in helping government fund these types of initiatives. JoVoGo founders have been involved and have worked in government for years and know what is needed to take a project from the pre-RFP stage to the final installation of the system. Our founders have spoken at Wi-Fi Planet, Muniwireless Conference, and various other conferences on the topic of municipal networks.

Some of the services we or our partners have provided in the past include:

  • City Camera and Surveillance
  • Public Safety Networks
  • Wireless Meter Reading Systems
  • Wireless Connectivity To Remote Offices
  • and More!

A great place to start researching how municipal wireless networks can help your city is the web site www.muniwireless.com.

To learn more about how we can help your government procure, install and manage public broadband networks, email sales@jovogo.com.

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