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JoVoGo builds wireless networks using Wi-Fi Mesh and WIMAX technology. Here is a brief description of the technology that we use and how we use it.

Wi-Fi Overview
Wi-Fi, also known as Wireless Fidelity, allows you to connect to the Internet from anywhere outside, in your home, hotel, conference room, or at work without any wires. For years, we have been limited to fast Internet access within walls and near a wired connection. Many communities in this country still do not have access to the Internet faster than a dialup modem (56K). Wi-Fi technology brings the freedom of the Internet without wires to those communities as well as metropolitan cities throughout the country and the world with access speeds up to 54 megabytes (1000K*54).

Why Do I Need Wi-Fi?

Imagine you are sitting in the parking lot across from your customer's place of business and forgot to bring the important presentation that is sitting on your company's computer network. Wi-Fi would allow you to connect your laptop to the Internet while sitting in your car and gain access to your companies system to retrieve that ever so important document or e-mail.

Wi-Fi allows you to sit outside and surf the Internet for fun or business without cables, and although many are wondering why you would want your laptop outside, others are already building Wi-Fi into their products and creating new applications to make our lives better.

Wi-Fi is currently being installed in thousands of products, including cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, home appliances, PDAs, and automobiles, to mention a few. Users do not want to carry around multiple communication devices to access various networks. Wi-Fi enables you to access not only your home network, but thousands of public Hot Spots and Hot Zones, including JoVoZones™. Wi-Fi simply put, is becoming the standard way to access the Internet without wires.

What is a JoVoNode™

JoVoGo uses technology called Wi-fi Mesh Technology from TROPOS that allows us to build a "cloud" of Internet access over an area of a city or town. JoVoGo founders built one of the first public wi-fi mesh networks in the country in Baton Rouge, LA in early 2003 and is very experienced in wireless mesh technology.

By placing wireless devices, similar to the wi-fi access points you may have in your home, on light poles and buildings, we can create a seamless "cloud" of internet in an area and enable users to move freely and remain connected to the Internet at 100 times faster then dialup.

Example Of JoVoZone™

JoVoGo uses WIMAX technology to provide Internet to our JoVoNodes™ in our hot zones. To learn more about WIMAX and Wi-fi, please visit the following web sites.

Wi-Fi Alliance

To learn more how we can bring wireless networks to your city or town, please e-mail us at sales@jovogo.com.

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